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Home Heating Maintenance Checklist.  
Heating and cooling tips from Las Vegas Air Conditioning and Heating Company. You can help save money and improve your homes energy efficiency with maintaining most of the heat in your home that is produced from your heating system. Home maintenance tips for winter time to keep your home nice and comfortable.   

Guidelines to keep the heat in your home and to stay energy efficient.
  • Have a N.A.T.E certified HVAC technician to inspect your homes heating equipment for efficiency. Having leaks in your air ducts can run up your energy bill.
  • Install a programmable thermostat in your home or commercial property. This allows you to preset temperatures for different times of the day for total comfort in your home.
  • Replace or clean your filters every 2 months. Air filters should be checked or changed once a month.
  • Have the fireplace in your home cleaned and checked if its working correctly.
  • Seal air leaks located in the attic, basement, or  crawlspace, and also around the doors and windows if needed.
  • Check your attic for proper insulation and proper duct installation. (The U.S. Department of Energy suggests a value between R-22 and R-49.)
  • Close curtains or shades at night and keep them open during the day
    Clean windows on the south side of your house to maximize sunlight exposure.
  • The doors in your home that lead to the outside should be weather stripped
  • Wrap and insulate waterlines to prevent them from freezing and busting causing bigger problems.

Extra steps you can take to save energy:

  • Lower the temperature of your water heater to 120F (for every 10-degree decrease in temperature, you may save 3% - 5% on your energy costs).
  • Install rubber gaskets behind outlets and use switch plates on exterior walls.
  • Install low-flow showerheads to reduce the amount of hot water being used.
  • Clean the condenser coil before every cold or hot season with high pressure water for all heat pump systems.

Things you can do to improve air quality and reduce potential health risks:

  • Change the batteries in smoke alarms, as well as radon and carbon monoxide detectors just in case you have a cracked heat exchanger.
  • Add a ceiling fan in rooms to help move the air.
  • Get your home air system cleaned and sanitized for cleaner air.
  • Reduce the potential for buildup of allergy-causing pollutants by keeping your house clean. Have your carpets in your home shampooed yearly.
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